About us

The story of BerNice begins in the beautiful south of France, where founder Bernadette was inspired by the colors, materials and crafts of the region. She took this inspiration with her to Amsterdam and followed her dream here. Together with her other half Bas, she has had her own store since 2002: Parisienne. In 2012 they discovered how much fun it is to design and make jewelry themselves. These are sold under the brand name BerNice by Parisienne*, in the Parisienne store and via the webshop www.bernicebyparisienne.nl.

Bernadette and Bas met in the hotel where they both worked. Bernadette always dreamed of having her own shop, but people around her advised her against it. Yet Bas always believed in Bernadette and together they decided in 2002 to make their dream come true. They bought stock in Paris and opened a store at Berenstraat number 4. The first days they slept in the store because they didn't have an alarm yet, but that didn't stop them from going all out.

The first weekend was a great success, and sales went so well that the couple had to return to Paris to stock up on more earrings. From that moment on there was no turning back and their store grew into a household name in Amsterdam. Over the years they have managed to attract a team of enthusiastic ladies with the same passion for jewelry.

Paris, Nice and Milan are sources of inspiration for the designs. The mission is to create joy in the lives of visitors. The pleasure that the products bring allows you to step away from normal life for a while. The jewelry gives a holiday feeling.

BerNice by Parisienne is a brand that stands for creativity and spontaneity. It is distinguished by its special designs and small scale. Each piece is made by hand, making it unique and having its own story. Bernadette is the creative brain behind the brand and the store, recognizable by the characteristic color and material combinations. For the components of the jewelry, we mainly collaborate with family businesses in Europe.

Spontaneity is an important driving force; everything that comes to their mind is created. This creates a fresh and innovative collection that evokes the feeling of happiness, laughter and conviviality. The brand stands for joie de vivre, the essence of cheerfulness. This is exactly the feeling you get when you enter the store or visit the website. Such a visit is a must for anyone looking for something original and colorful!

*The name of the Parisienne store is inspired by the love for Paris. BerNice is a composite of Bernadette and the city of Nice, which is a source of inspiration.